Kalanjiyam team conducted a social awareness rally in villages focusing on the issue of protecting our soil against plastic.  The objective of this campaign was ‘Plastikkai marruppom, maan valam karppom’ to encourage our rural communities to ‘refuse use of plastic and protect our soil’.   This effort is part of Kalanjiyam’s new initiative, an advocacy called Protecting our Rural Agriculture and Soil against Damage (PRASAD).

Besides destroying the aesthetics plastic bags disrupt the water ways, clogs and chokes the soil, leading to negative ramifications for the water table, agriculture our environment.  To bring about a change, we took up awareness campaign to remind them of other alternatives to plastic bags.  Children from 15 project schools and villages, adolescent girls, young men, local SHG women and other community members took part in the rally.  Altogether, more than 800 members participated and walked through 5 villages, traveling a distance of about five kms, taking the message about plastic to all the villagers. During our rally we provided everyone with the traditional yellow cloth bags, to encourage the communities to refuse the use of the plastic bags.

Villages in Maduranthakam and Lattur Blocks that took part in the rally were: Kalpat, Pinnakaandai, Dharmapuram, Pudhur, Chinna Vellikkadu, Periya vellikkadu, Ariyanur, Chinna venmani, Periya venmani, Ozhavetti, Maruvalam, Zameen Endathur, Athivakkam, Melakaandai, Kizhakaandai

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