Kalanjiyam is committed to being a pillar of support in the face of natural calamities such as torrential rains, fires, or the unprecedented challenges of a pandemic like COVID-19. We understand the profound impact such events can have on communities, and we are committed to being a steadfast source of support during these trying times.

Our Relief Initiatives: When disaster strikes, we step in with relief efforts. Our dedicated teams works to provide essential supplies, food, shelter, and medical assistance to affected individuals and families. Whether it’s distributing food, clean water, or medical supplies, we ensure that no one is left behind in the face of adversity.

Our Rehabilitation Efforts: Beyond immediate relief, we are deeply invested in the process of rehabilitation. We work hand in hand with affected communities to rebuild homes and other vital amenities that have been damaged or destroyed. Our aim is to help people regain their self-sufficiency, rebuild their lives, and restore a sense of normalcy.

Support for Resuming Lives: We recognize that the road to recovery is not only about rebuilding physical structures but also about restoring hope and livelihoods. That’s why we offer support for livelihood restoration, vocational training, and mental health services to help individuals and communities not just bounce back but thrive in the face of adversity. 

At Kalanjiyam we believe in the strength and resilience of communities, and our relief and rehabilitation efforts are a testament to our unwavering commitment to supporting and empowering those affected by natural calamities and pandemics.

Supporting Vulnerable Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Since the onset of the COVID19-pandemic, rural communities have faced severe economic hardships. Kalanjiyam identified the pressing needs within the community and initiated relief efforts during both the first and second waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kalanjiyam remains committed to aiding these vulnerable communities and continues to work towards alleviating the hardships caused by the pandemic.