Kalanjiyam engages in a diverse range of endeavours dedicated to cultivating and advancing the development of young individuals within rural communities. Kalanjiyam, in its role as a catalyst for positive change, provides an invaluable foundation for the empowerment and growth of rural youth. The Kalanjiyam Community Training Center consistently hosts an array of programs aimed at addressing various youth-related issues. These initiatives encompass the enhancement of life skills, facilitating access to vital information and resources, and establishing a platform for open discourse on matters concerning adolescents. Our aim is to help youth must cultivate positive and adaptable attitudes and behaviours, as well as develop self-assurance and an understanding of their internal strengths and assets, so they can make informed decisions and overcome life’s challenges.

Framework for Skills and Livelihood Program

Project Vanavil or ‘Rainbow’: As a crucial facet of our comprehensive youth development program, Kalanjiyam’s Vanavil project places a particular emphasis on building vital life skills among youth in our villages. Life skills, as defined by the World Health Organization, constitute the competencies essential for adaptive and constructive behavior, enabling individuals to effectively navigate the demands and challenges encountered in their daily lives. The overarching goal of the Vanavil project is to empower youth with the tools to gain self-awareness and improve their social and emotional coping skills and prioritize their mental health and well-being.
The Vanavil project comprehensively addresses the key areas of life skills, encompassing cognitive abilities, social competencies, emotional resilience, and mental health. The range of skills within these domains includes problem-solving, critical thinking, effective communication, decision-making, creative ideation, interpersonal relationships, negotiation prowess, self-awareness, empathy, and coping with emotions and stress. Through a diverse array of engaging activities, the Vanavil project guides youth to heighten their self-awareness, while also promoting their mental well-being.

Improving Livelihood Options: Enhancing the quality of life hinges on a fundamental commitment to empowering individuals and families to enhance their livelihood opportunities. At Kalanjiyam, our primary mission is to pinpoint areas where skill training can make a significant impact, especially for the younger generation. We then mobilize resources and orchestrate skill training programs, extending vital support to facilitate job placements whenever feasible.

Empowering Youth with Licenses: One of our notable initiatives has been the provision of driving training for economically disadvantaged youth from our villages, assisting them in acquiring their driving licenses. This endeavor has translated into a majority of these individuals securing gainful employment, thereby markedly improving their families’ economic conditions.

Empowering Women Through Skill Development: Kalanjiyam has been implementing Jyothi Tailoring Center, an initiative aimed to uplift women by arming them with essential skills, boosting their self-esteem, and enabling them to contribute significantly to their families’ economic prosperity. The heart of this program beats with the dedication of a passionate community members, a seasoned tailor with over 20 years of experience and a local talent nurtured into a proficient tailor. Since its inception, the Jyothi Tailoring Center has reached many women and their families. Notably, many of the women have been provided with tailoring machines through a loan program, allowing them to make manageable monthly installments towards ownership. Following the initial investment, the re-payment by the women have paved the way for the purchase of more sewing machines. 

A unique feature of this project has been the partnership with a local hospital in Chennai, to provide their annual requirements of stitched bed linen and other hospital garments.  The women from Jyothi tailoring center have made these garments so that they get hands on experience during the training period and opportunities to become employed after training is completed.  

Catalyzing Rural Entrepreneurs: Kalanjiyam offers financial support, both in full and partial amounts, to individuals eager to establish small businesses. What sets our program apart is the intrinsic motivation within all supported ventures to allocate a portion of their recovered costs toward various community development initiatives. We place a special emphasis on extending our efforts to families in dire need and individuals with special requirements.

Empowering the Differently Abled : In our unwavering commitment to inclusive community development, Kalanjiyam has taken significant steps to support differently-abled members of our community. We support them for skill development and have also provided them with sewing machines, to enhance their livelihoods and equip them to share their expertise by training other young women in our villages.  We actively encourage our dedicated staff and fellow village community members to rally behind these individuals by offering them meaningful work opportunities.

Sustainable Growth through Inclusive Approach: At Kalanjiyam’s core mission is to transform communities and pave the way for sustainable economic growth and prosperity among all our community members.  Inclusivity and self-sufficiency is a guiding principle and at the heart of our endeavors.  We strive to create an environment where every member can not only thrive but also actively contribute to the betterment of the whole, thereby realizing the full potential of each individual and the collective strength of our communities.