Kalanjiyam has initiated a holistic solution to enhance the socio-economic status of rural families by addressing the factors that impede empowerment, lack of adequate family income and poor education and skill set.  

Thalir Academy Skill Development Center, a unit of Kalanjiyam Trust, takes its name from the Tamil word “Thalir,” symbolizing growth, development, and the promise of a better future. Thalir Academy’s objectives are aimed at fostering holistic development among rural communities and ensure employable skills and economic empowerment.  The objectives include:

  • Skill Development: Provide vocational training in high-demand sectors such as fashion design, tailoring, digital literacy, and entrepreneurship.

  • Digital Empowerment: Offer basic computer skills training, internet literacy, and digital marketing education to enable individuals to access online job opportunities and participate in the digital economy.

  • Economic Empowerment: Promote the formation of cooperative societies, for financial literacy training, and access to microfinance options to foster collective economic activities.

  • Entrepreneurship and Life Skills: Instil entrepreneurship skills, financial management, and personal development to nurture a culture of innovation, self-reliance, and resilience

  • Community Development: Fostering community engagement, building strategic partnerships, and implementing grassroots initiatives to drive sustainable development and social change

  • Accreditation and Certification: All courses offered will be registered under Government of India’s Skill India, a flagship initiative of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). 

  • Geographic coverage: Thalir Academy is located in the two of Pavunjur, and will benefit the rural communities in the villages of Lattur and Maduranthakam blocks of Chengalpattu district. 

  • Eligibility for enrolling: Thalir Academy is dedicated to uplifting economically disadvantaged individuals, such as those facing financial constraints, single parent families, and a genuine interest in skill development, and strong motivation to improve socio-economic status. 

  • Community engagement: This initiative will be implemented by locally recruited community members who are passionate about the development of their villages.

  • Expected Impact of Thalir Academy 
    • Empower individuals to pursue meaningful careers and livelihoods.
    • Drive economic development, create job opportunities, and alleviate poverty.
    • Promote social inclusion, gender equality, and community participation in decision-making.